How to fix NodeMCU Flashing Firmware Problem

Hello people, you are here probably because you have problems with flashing new firmware on your NodeMCU WiFi Development board.

I had same issue, I wasn't be able to flash firmware. When I select firmware in "Config" tab, and when I click on "Flash" on main page, nothing happens.

A couple of seconds later, I saw that "Device Manager" says I have some problem with driver with this device, precisely, with NodeMCU which I connected to PC before. And then I realized what was the problem.


1. Download driver 

Go to this page and download a driver for your version of OS.

2. Install driver

When you have downloaded drivers, open that RAR file with drivers and start driver installation for your version of OS (x86 for 32-bit - x64 for 64-bit)

3. Proceed to flash firmware

When driver installation finishes, you can proceed to flash firmware on your NodeMCU Development Board, now without any problems.

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