How to hack a WiFi Network

Hello people, in this post I will show you how you can "hack" WiFi networks or kick someone from yours or from neighbors WiFi. To make this thing possible, you will need 3 things. This WiFi Development board from image above, firmware programmer for uploading a firmware on board and a certain firmware for hacking WiFi Networks.

First thing first, get and download these things :

Buy this WiFi Development board here

Download firmware programmer
Download firmware

1. Connect board to a PC

Now you need to install firmware on your WiFi Development board. Connect board to a PC via micro usb and open NodeMCU Firmware Programmer.

2. Install firmware

Now follow steps for installing firmware from video below.

3. Connect board to a wall adapter

When you are done with installing firmware, disconnect board from a PC and connect it to a wall adapter via micro usb.

4. Take your smartphone

As it is said above, take your smartphone. Go to WiFi Network list, connect to network named "pwned" (in most cases) and type this password deauther (if it asks). Now, go to browser and type this IP adress to access to "hacking tools".

5. Now, have fun

When you enter this IP address you will see many settings and options which this software on this WiFi Development board offers. Check this video below for more informations :


Deauthing wireless networks is perfectly safe and legal as long as you are doing so on networks you own. Do not deauth or jam any network which you do not own, doing so is irresponsible and illegal in most countries. 

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