About us

TSNetwork (TechSroat Network) is a small group whose members have big goals in their work. Founded in June 13, 2014. We are currently working on few interesting projects which will one day see the light of a day. 

Our name comes from word "Tech" which represents "Technology" and a Hindu word "Srot" which is reshaped in "Sroat" and means "Source".

We currently run these projects : 

- TechSroat - visit here

(Website & Youtube channel based on latest technology news, tutorials on PCs, tutorials for video and audio production etc.), 

- DownloadSroat - visit here

(Website where you can find latest software available for free download) 

We hope that will be much more in future.

We are in : software development, web development, video & audio production, graphics design, web design, digital marketing, cryptocurrency.

Stay hungry, stay foolish.

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